The roots of Mangalya in the manufacturing industry are more than a hundred years old; dating back to 1913. The company was started by Shri Bhupen Chunilal Bosamia who very courageously ventured into Retail business to keep up with the changing trends in Fashion industry. The manufacturing parent company was formed by two courageous philanthropist brothers, Shri Gordhandas Karsanji Bosamia(Uncle) & Shri Chunilal Karsanji Bosamia (Father) from a town called Jetpur in Saurashtra Region Gujarat. They were the first to set up a Textile Mill in Jetpur. They further expanded it in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Their vision and foresight paved way to a huge empire of textile industry in Jetpur and India.

For the past 121 years, the enterprise was just into manufacturing which gradually evolved to Retail. The exclusivity of Mangalya lies in the fact that “We only sell what we manufacture”. Right from the cloth to dyeing, weaving, printing, all processes are undertaken by our parent company to retain quality and originality.

Bandhanis, Patola & Silk Handlooms are exclusively manufactured by Mangalya. Manufacturing Bandhanis, Patola & Indian Handlooms is an art that requires skilled craftsmen and their ancestors were craftsmen themselves. It is a constant hard work of the ancestors of the family which has evolved and retained its craftsmanship in the course of time. The company’s design head Shri Bhupen Chunilal Bosamia has been interacting with well-known design institutions, craft organizations, buyers national and international, to evolve and create this beautiful art of Indian heritage textiles that is unique and different from other available handlooms. The parent company manufactures fabrics and sarees for some of the biggest names in the Fashion and Retail industry including Top Line Designers of India and overseas.

Customers are the heart of the business. Art of Indian Heritage textiles is still alive due to constant appreciation & understanding of the clients. This inspires us and numerous artisans to carry on the Legacy set by the ancestors of the family. 

The team and network of artisans makes Mangalya different.  Every Mangalya product is made with greatest care for details and more definitely with great empathy for the client who comes to purchase in his good times.

“If the family were a boat, it would be a canoe that makes no progress unless everyone paddles. It is the contribution and unity of the family that has made the organization formidable with ever-changing trends,” .